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Be Healthier In 5 Years From Now

Happy WomanCan you be healthier in 5 years, than you are today? Absolutely!

The truth is, covering a few areas of your health in a more efficient manner will produce a healthier result.

Let’s address how to accomplish this; As I’ve been writing over the past few blogs, working in our favor is the incredible ability that our own bodies have to get well, and stay well.

Our bodies are designed to HEAL. So, how do we enhance that ability?

Consider these basic areas to address:

  1. Mindset – Expect to be Healthy, and act accordingly!
  2. Nourishment – Add quality food that your body can use to function. Some foods can minimize the stress (toxicity) put on your body. Other foods can actually add stress.
  3. Movement – All you have to do is MOVE. “What” you do is less important than THAT you are moving. Move, often and regularly!
  4. Stress Management – There are three Major forms of stress:.
    1. Physical Stress – Auto accidents, computer/phone posture, poor habits and patterns
    2. Chemical Stress – The air we breathe, the preservatives in our food, toxicity in our water.
    3. Emotional Stress – Emotional traumas, Anger, Irritation, Frustration, Dissatisfaction, Anxiety, emotional toxicity, negative drama.

There are immediate actions that you can take that will ease your physical stress. There is a great deal of information I can share about how to protect yourself from chemical stress and, we have an in-house Doctor of Psychology who can help you release, manage and evolve from your emotional stress.

  1. Nerve System support – This is the most often overlooked and least considered, yet a vital aspect of your health. It also happens to be my expertise.

Your Nerve System controls and coordinates your body and your health. Keeping it from being overloaded is imperative to your health.

Regular care over time, along with lifestyle support, eases the build-up of nerve stress and enhances your body’s ability to function. The result is that in 5 years you will be healthier than you are now.

Our goal is to create and enhance the “Healthier YOU”.

There are multiple ways to address each of these. When we work together, we consider each aspect of stress and address how to improve your life, in each of these areas.

I invite you to come in to discuss your greatest health potential. When we have that set, we will create a plan toward achieving that. As we work the plan we will consistently readjust as we find what is working and what is not. This is the kind of Health Care you deserve.

I want to help you look back, five years from now, knowing you have reversed the aging process, as well as enhanced your overall health.

Please share your thoughts, insights and health commitments with me. I will answer your questions directly, or in future blogs.

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