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Daily Health Tips #1

Posted: October 17, 2014
By: Dr Jan Teitelbaum
Dr Jan of Mission Viejo offers simple tips to better care for yourself.


Preventing Carpal Tunnel

Posted: July 16, 2014
By: Dr Jan Teitelbaum

I was asked this question on Doctorbase.com. Here is my response for your benefit.

Do you have a good regimen to help prevent carpal tunnel in my right wrist?

The key to preventing carpal tunnel is three-fold. First, create your environment in as supportive way as possible. Sit back from your desk. Close your eyes and place your hands on an imaginary keyboard in front of you. Where would your hands naturally go? Now look at your imaginary monitor, also with your eyes closed. Open your eyes and see where your head and hands are. Create your environment to support those positions as best possible.

Second is joint lubrication. Multiple times a day take 2 minutes and create range of motion in your hand and arm joints. First, open and close your hands fully 10 times. Then make circles with your wrists 5 times each way. Then put your elbows through ranges of motion and finally raise your arms overhead and get shoulder movement. Movement is how you "Lubricate" your joints.

The third leg is seeing a Chiropractor to make sure nerves are open from your brain to your finger tips, as well as making sure your joints are functional from the wrist to your spine.

Have fun!

Dr Jan