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Dr. Jan has lectured and taught throughout the country on topics including "How to Maximize Energy and Minimize Stress," "Make Ergonomics Work for You," "How to Heal Lower Back Pain to Live Life Normally," and "A Healthy Lifestyle."

Dr. Jan has been published and featured in state-wide and national publications, as well as working as the Chiropractic Consultants for the motion picture Double Whammy, starring Liz Hurley and Denis Leary.  

Your Place or Ours

Dr. Jan is are always seeking opportunities to share our knowledge and experiences and would love to make a presentation to your group.  This season's presentation is:
   How to be Happier, Healthier and More Productive in Challenging Environments

You will learn;
     -How to breathe to decrease stress
     -How to sit through the day without further back pain
     -How to center your body balance
     -How to keep your joints young

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