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Dr. Jan Teitelbaum, D.C.
  Dr. Jan
Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr Jan mastered a very specialized brand of Chiropractic- known as Pettibon Spinal Biomechanics. Fascinated by this remarkable healing method, Dr Jan furthered his studies by taking 40-50 postgraduate courses over the past 20 years. He established himself as one of the foremost Chiropractors in the US by his certification in this advanced and complex technique. Dr Jan is one of 20 Chiropractors nationwide certified to teach Pettibon Spinal Bio-Mechanics. By virtue of this advanced course study, as well his national prominence as a lecturer and educator; Dr. Jan enjoys the recognition of being known as the Chiropractor's Chiropractor. In 2001, Dr Jan was honored by the largest Chiropractic College, Life University, to be on its Board of Directors.
Dr Jan's healing abilities is not limited by his academic and professional expertise. Known to his friends and patients as the "compassionate one", his healing takes on a much deeper and meaningful experience. He has been a daily meditator for over 30 years. He practices hatha yoga, hikes, runs, and swims all on a regular basis. He feels that movement and tone are essential to the mind body spirit dynamic.
Dr. Jan Teitelbaum graduated New York Chiropractic College in August 1978. He went to undergraduate school at the State University of NY at Buffalo.
During his chiropractic education, Dr Jan interned with 2 of the most renowned chiropractors in NYC. He started his own practice in December 1978 on the upper west side of Manhattan building it into one of the largest and most recognized chiropractic offices within the first 2 years. His healing acclaim , that of restoring peoples health and vitality, brought many celebrities to his doorstep. Paul Simon, Bette Midler, the rock band- Chicago, Chris Noth, David Ducovney, Tea Leoni, Amy Irving, Ben Gazzara, just to name of few of the people who sought Dr Jan's healing touch. He took care of notables in the fashion, news broadcasting, record industry, Soap Opera, Professional Musicians, writers, and along with NYC business elite- Dr Jan has seen them all.
Certified in Pettibon Bio-Mechanics, X-Ray and Rehabilitation.
Featured on Fox TV news as an expert on disc conditions.
Lectured and taught audiences around the country.
Received honors by the NY Chiropractic Assc., NY Chiropractic Council, Life University and the Intl. Chiropractic Assc.
Published in both NYS as well as national publications.
Served as NYS rep. to the International Chiropractic Association.
Board of Director for the NY Walking Center.
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