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What To Expect


Our specialty is our desire to be the best. This has lead to a 30+ year quest to perfect our services. We have used our various techniques on our families. We know what works and how to use it. Add to this our advanced technology to find your problem and you're in special hands.


Your first visit will include a consultation directly with Dr. Jan, who will work to gain an understanding of your health challenges and goals.  This is followed by a thorough evaluation to pinpoint the pain and find the origin of your problem.  

Dr. Jan will sit down with you and speak about his findings, as well as provide recommendations to begin your custom treatment plan.

The initial treatment is designed to offer you pain relief as soon as possible. We then move to the corrective phase of care.  During this period we work with the spine as well as the supportive muscle and ligaments to train a spinal support structure and function that supports your health,  The third phase is called maintenance or wellness care.  We support you in making lifestyle choices that that keep you on the health track for you and your family.